Need to request a Mortgage Title?

First, a title deed establishes the rightful owner of a property. That means it is the final word in any legal dispute regarding the property. It shows who has a financial interest in a property and who can legally take possession and access the property. 

While you can sell your home even if you don’t have a deed, the process is a lot easier and less complicated if you have a title. In addition to drawn-out searches and other extra procedures, a lack of title won’t yield a fair market value for your property because it’s considered high risk.

You should also be wary of buying a property without a title deed. You and your solicitor need to proceed with extreme caution. It is best to put in a few hundred dollars in legal fees to avoid spending thousands of dollars down the line. *One thing to note is that you cannot sell a property if the deed is not of public record.

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